Day 6 – April 8th

HAB applied over 20,000 gallons of alum and buffer to a 32 acre section of lake and we have now completed 75% of the total application. We also spent time this afternoon conducting our daily chemical and environmental testing of the lake water. Alum is widely used in lakes and the drinking/wastewater treatment industry due to it’s known safety. In fact, an important consideration in selecting an alum application as the preferred restoration technique for Pinto Lake was it’s long record of safe use. Pinto is considered a sensitive lake as it home to the threatened Western Pond Turtle, provides nesting habitat for Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets, Mallards, Coots and Canada Geese, and supports an outstanding Largemouth Bass fishery. Water from Pinto Lake also flows through critical feeding habitat for the endangered southern sea otter before reaching Monterey Bay. The use of alum is well-suited for lakes such as Pinto and HAB carefully monitors and documents the safe lake conditions during all of their application projects.




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